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Pig the Star

Pig the Star
Leah Renee Norrie

Pig was a pug
And I’m sorry to say
He was rude and selfish
In all and every way.

Now Pig was a star
It was his dream universe
But it wouldn’t be better,
It made Pig worse

His movies were famous
Loved by everyone in school.
He was excused from maths
And he broke every rule

But the headteacher told him
“this school comes first,
Your new stardom obsession
Will make everything worse!”

“No! you’re just jealous
That I’m the star!”
Pig scoffed
And his problem went too far.

Next door to pig’s house
Was a dog called Trevor
And was Pig nice to him? I’ll tell you – NEVER.

He was at the studio
Dancing whilst wearing a tutu
And all the tv workers
Yelled “that’s cute!”

“NO!” Pig shouted
I’ll fly to the moon
In this spaceship, you-WOAH!

“Watch out!” yelled Trixi
“That was just fixed by Mabel!
If you were here, I’d have told you
This is highly unstable!”

These days it’s different
I’m happy to say
These days it’s different
In all and every way.

Pig wants to perform
But it’s never the time
Because though he doesn’t want to,
He lets Trevor shine