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A Better Place Now

A Better Place Now
Tonje Stavland Dahle

I have many conversations with the moon,
about what we think is beautiful.
He tells me about the sun,
I tell him about you.

About how you always cared,
you were selfless beyond reproach.
About how your eyes shone,
like the light on a bunad* brooch.

I have many conversations with the moon,
about the things we can’t take.
That Mum and Dad are arguing,
and about war and heartbreak.

About children starving in Africa,
missing hope and faith too.
About depression and mental health,
and losing someone like you.

I tell the moon everything,
when the grief digs a hole.
Then he lets me know,
I have to find another goal.

I miss you so very much,
I still miss our laughter now.
But I just have to remember,
you’re in a better place now.

*bunad is traditional rural Norwegian costume