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My Generation

My Generation

Sam Edwards


They swagger round the corner,

With hoodies and woolly hats,

Getting ready to slaughter,

Holding grimacing cricket bats,


Chucking Guinness cans,

Without a care in the world,

Please someone put a stop to that,

It really is absurd.


Smashing up that car,

Beating up that kid,

Stealing expensive laptops,

And selling them on Madbid.


They’re a rainy cloud over the world,

Making everybody sad,

This is the new generation?

Then out comes my dad.


He’s in the police force,

He knows what to do,

So he says in a stern voice,

“Hey! I’m arresting you!”


But when they’re at the station,

And they’re faced with the sarge,

He just calls them yobs,

And lets them go without charge!



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