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Ivy’s Journey

Ivy’s Journey
Rose O’Hagan

All my dreams. Gone. All my family. Gone. All my hopes. Gone. I stared at my destroyed house, my metallic tears piercing my cheeks like the blade of a knife. Why does it have to be me?

CRASH! Grabbing my parents like a dog, I screamed at them-they were just standing there a statue frozen in time.

Dead. It was too late. A bomb had hit us. Panic took me by the hand as I realised what had happened. Please just be a dream, please. For once, I felt alone. Alone from the world. It was like I was inside a bubble, separate from the whole world.

Anything might happen, but I am NOT going to the orphanage. After hearing countless stories about how horrible it was, I made my plan. Tonight, I would sleep in the 24-hour supermarket. Next day, I would hitchhike at the outskirts of our village –people would pity me more if I was next to a burning village. I would do that, ask them to take me to my grandma’s city and it would be as easy as that.

After around an hour of waiting for a car to pull over, I finally got some luck. A mysterious man gave me a grunt after me asking him to take to my grandma’s city. I assumed it was a yes so I settled down in his car. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep like a log, however even whilst I was asleep, I sensed something was wrong. I was right and learnt the hard way.

Confusion filled my head-why were we at the police station? Despite my suspicion, I followed the man into the building. Like a firework, he exploded into a roar of laughter. The glare of the police officer told me that I had to get out.

Don’t ask me how, but my next attempt got me placed in a zoo in a giraffe enclosure. Sure, I am quite tall, but how did I get mistaken for a giraffe? I suppose life has its ups and downs because I managed to climb over the fence and it wasn’t an electric one.

Breathless after the zoo incident, I scanned the street around me. A bus stop. Not just any bus stop though. A bus stop to my grandma’s city. Happiness erupted like a volcano inside me as I read it. I couldn’t believe my luck. In an hour or so my grandma and I would be together, both of us happy.

Before I knew it, my grandma and I were greeting each other with huge hugs and super smiles. Giving each other comfort because of my parents death, we talked about the adventures I’d been through.


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