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In the Deep

In the Deep
Nayantika Chaudary



A small wave rolls upon shore,
This is not a dream anymore,
I sail across the blue tablecloth with creases,
As the fading coast slowly ceases…


I join in with the wind’s whistle,
As I comb my hair with a brush’s bristle…


Suddenly there is a sight,
And my ship is lifted to a massive height,
A coat of white comes crashing against me,
I am suddenly uneasy of the sea…


The seagulls’ cries are more like screeches,
As children play along the beaches,
Suddenly the sapphire waves come crashing down,
I am pulled underwater,
Anxiously, I wonder would I drown?


Will I survive? Will I survive?
Flashing images show me my short life,
The sky is grey, the mood is black,
Will I ever get back?




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