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Escaping the Mayans

Escaping the Mayans
Carys Jones 


Trembling, shaking nerves are nearly getting the better of me but I need to stay away, hidden. I need to stay still. I don’t want to be the sacrifice. No, not at all!

It was early morning. At the edge of the motionless jungle, I peered in at the lush green foliage. Where was I? Had the time machine really worked? Could I possibly be in 600 AD? Vines choked the endless amount of branches as snakes slithered amongst them. The burning sun forced its way through the towering trees. In the distance I heard parrots squawk a rhythmic noise, soaring high with the clouds. Clambering over the logs, leaves and bamboo obstacles, I spotted vibrant fruits, ripe and ready to be picked. Slowly reaching out for the delicious treats, I tasted them. A sweet but somehow sour taste lingered in my mouth. Dodging the prickly thorns and spiked leaves, I finally made out a clearing.

Ahead, stood a small pyramid flooded by crowds of people. Jaguar patterns spread across the festival. Looking onwards, I spotted a man dressed in ferocious clothing dancing on top of the pyramid, making more noise than almost possible. Towards him climbed four people and a young boy, marching steadily. Leaning forwards, longing to join in but feeling unwelcome, I watched as they lifted the small child into the air. Screams pierced the sky whilst pure, red blood coated the stone table. The priest tore open the boy’s chest as another cascading waterfall began. High into the sky, he held the boy’s heart. In complete disgust, I stood watching. Silenced. Stunned. Shaken. Did I really want to be here if that’s how they treated each other? Lurking in the shadows, I remembered reading a book. It was all about the Mayan civilization and how they performed sacrifices to the gods, mostly killing children and foreigners. Then it occurred to me. I was a foreigner…

Turning around, I noticed people were beginning to stare at me, an uncertain look in their eyes. The priest stopped dancing. People stopped talking, and everyone was looking at me! That was my signal to hide, but where? It wasn’t like there were any Egyptian sarcophagi to hide in!

It was my book that saved me again; if only I could run away far enough, I could be a Mayan statue. The Mayans did used to build lots of intricate statues, so hopefully no one would notice I’m new!

Leg after leg, faster and faster, running in the shadows, I had to get away. As soon as I came to an empty clearing, I stood to the side as an intricate statue.

Now the Maya are coming towards me. I’ve no escape. In a second, they’ll sacrifice me to the gods and I definitely don’t want my heart ripped out but I guess that’s it now. Goodbye!



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