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Hot Chocolate

 Hot Chocolate
Amelia Arnold


Reading is like drinking a smooth, creamy mug of hot chocolate on a crisp winter’s morning

It warms you inside like a loving hug by a roaring fire

It slowly seeps into your brain, filling it with its amazing creative juices and washes away the thoughts

The thoughts you had before

Before all of this

Before the wonders of the warmth as it melts the cold negativity
You realise you needed this all along

Along the path

The long, winding path

Following the path to your freedom

Many got lost

Not you

Here you find yourself, wrapped in this warm blanket, your safety net
Helping you find yourself

Who you are inside

Who you are on the outside as well

Now you know who you are, where you belong

At last

Finding yourself, however hard it may be, can take a while

You can’t rush it, you have to wait

Wait until you’ve drunk your hot chocolate

Never let it go cold.


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