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Beware of the Vamps!

Beware of the Vamps!
Abel Neto


Beware of the bats in the night,

‘Cause they might give you a little fright,

Beware of the vamps in the dark,

Because of their teeth so sharp,


It’s the vamps little night,

It’s the bat’s little fright,

It’s the vamps little fright,

It’s the bat’s little night,


There’s a bat in the night that turns into a vampire,

Go down with him, yes sire!

I don’t know what to do,

And I’d rather hide in the loo!


There’s an owl outside,

With two beagle eyes,

Don’t think I’m telling lies,

Because my sight is wide,

There the owl is, looking like a bride,

Sitting on the upper site lies the night seeker,

As stiff as a rock, now out of peepers


It’s the vamps little night,

It’s the owl’s little fright,

It’s the vamps little fright,

It’s the owl’s little night!!!!!


Skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, witches, vampires, creepers,

I can already feel that halloween spirit,

With the arrival of all these sprites,

For a great mythical ghoulish festival,

Don’t forget thy spectacular spectre!


Vile pumpkins, hot roasted chestnuts, bloody wine,

Cheers with the goblets, admiring the stars so shine

Bring your lantern kites,

Eat some bites, enjoy the lights

Look at the Facebook likes!


The season is ending,

The colours are blending,

But the OoooOoOo’s are still near,

All around here,

With thee following me,

The fizzy, spooky, lightning fireworks, we can see…


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