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History Will Not Repeat Itself

History will Not Repeat Itself

Jim Crow laws, 1877-1965:
You must not
attempt to mix with us.
You need to understand,
we are Separate
but equal.

Mexican Deportation, 1929-:
You must not
bring your drugs and crime
into our pure country.
Don’t take it personally,
We just want to
make America great again.

Holocaust, 1933-1945:
You must not
pollute our streets.
This yellow star
Shows that you
are not one of us.

Apartheid, 1948-1991:
You must not
step where you are
Not Welcome.
The land of your ancestors
no longer belongs to you.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1948-:
You must not
protest for freedom.
This country is not yours
We cannot live as equals.

Berlin Wall, 1961-1989:
You must not
cross to the West side.
We will only hold you
in the grips of communism,
force you into a beige life.

Rohingya Crisis, 2015-:
You must not
live in peace.
Stay here in your
cage without a roof.
We shoot on sight.

We must
strive for acceptance
and equality;
Not for
and hostility.

Let us make true the lie,
history will not repeat itself