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Final Battle

Final Battle
Aliya Waseem

It isn’t only me anymore, even my Queen is completely fed up of this unnecessary bloodshed. All we do, day after day, is prepare for battle and launch back into the war that King Marth caused. I do not understand how someone can be so bloodthirsty – he has taken down many kingdoms in Erilea, must he conquer us as well to feel satisfaction?

War does not prove anything. Millions of people die, yet that unruly King must be blissfully unaware or just too insensitive to care.

I have suffered greatly on these battle lines, having fought hundreds of battles now. However, the one who has suffered the most is our courageous Queen Athena. Unlike any other monarch, she too has taken to the battlefield and has commanded us with extreme efficiency. Despite only being in her late twenties, she has fought in many more battles than I wish to. The only reason I have continued to participate in these battles, is to make sure that my Queen has at least one loyal Captain whom she can rely on.

Once I was fully armoured, I left my tent and adjoined to the battle field. My unit and others, including the Queen, were already there.

Time for unnecessary killing.

I slashed and slashed, tearing my way through enemy units. One by one, bodies continued to fall and I would just plough onwards. I searched relentlessly for the other Captain, once he is taken down, this section of the war is over.

Hours later, most of the opposing army had died and only few were left. On my insistence, Queen Athena, had retired and only myself and a group of men were left on the field.

One man stood out on this battlefield, he seemed to hold an aura of great skill and experience. I had drawn my sword. Once I had reached attacking range, I raised my sword, waiting for an attack. Nothing.

“I can’t do this anymore. He just makes us keep on fightin’ and I keep survivin’ every damned battle. I continue hoping to die, but I always live. All he says is Cap’un Amyr get back in battle. You look like a Cap’un are ye one?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Please, if ye have any mercy, end mi miserable life. I cannot service a King like him any longer. Please, Sir, end me.”

“That is what I am meant to do…”

“Then do it.”

I had never faltered in the moment of killing, I may have hated it, but never faltered. I just… don’t feel like I have the capability of killing him. On the other hand, I understand his misery. It is always horrific to murder someone, but his death would prove to be a benefit to the both of us. Our enemy will lose an important soldier, and he would be free from this chaos.

I raised my blade.

“Thank ye.”

His head bounced on the floor and came to a stop.

Captain Amyr had been killed.