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Go to Sleep

Go to Sleep
Sinead Mooney


He glanced down at his phone and his face immediately turned a ghastly pale white. All the
blood had quickly drained from his face at the photo he just received – it made him sick to
his stomach. Within seconds, the phone had slipped from his fingers – almost as if it was
butter – and hit the ground with a soft thud.

But he wasn’t looking at the phone anymore.

He was looking at the girl staring at him through his window.

She was smiling.

She was smiling knowingly.

He wasn’t sure if he should back away slowly and break out into a run or just shut the
curtains, as if to erase the horrible, creepy smile from his mind.

Was it her who had been tormenting him for these past few weeks?

His form began to tremble as he stared at her with fear.

However, once the girl saw this she pressed a hand against the glass and murmured, ‘No no,
Vincent, please don’t cry…I don’t want my dear love to cry…’

She was definitely crazy.

Vincent turned around to avoid looking at her and bit into his fist to stop himself
from crying. He was so very terrified of the fair-haired girl standing outside his window. His face
contorted into one of pain as he drew blood from biting his hand too hard.

‘Vincent…?’ He heard a soft muffled voice through the glass. ‘Oh please my love, please
don’t cry…’

He swung around quickly to face her as tears streaked down his face. ‘Why? Why are you
doing this to me?’

The girl looked taken aback. Vincent had never lashed out on her before. Her love had

‘Vincent…’ she whimpered as her eyes began to glaze over with tears. ‘I just wanted you to l
ove me again… We are perfect together… Oh please dea-’

‘No! No we aren’t,’ he told her as he furiously wiped away his tears with his sleeve before
balling his hands into fists. ‘You… You’re crazy,’ he muttered as he flung one arm out and
pointed at her accusingly. ‘…You k-killed.’ He paused, unable to finish his sentence as his
throat began to close up and throb with pain.

He heaved loudly as the image came to mind that she had sent him.

It was Ciara, his girlfriend. Or she was his girlfriend…

Annie had killed her.

Immediately, he gasped as he choked on his tears.


‘C-Ciara… Why… Why would you do this, you crazy lunatic?’ he suddenly yelled at Annie who
was staring at Vincent with sadness and disbelief. ‘I could never love you! There might have
been a time where my affection grew for you but you destroyed that when you became
possessive… And now… Now you’ve-’ Again, he struggled to finish his sentence; his lips just
couldn’t form those horrid words.

You killed Ciara.

‘Go to sleep Vincent…’ Annie whispered, her voice still muffled by the glass that separated
the two.


His eyes suddenly felt heavy and everything around him became a blur…

‘Sleep now, my love…’



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