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Evening Star

Evening Star
Lyanna Choi


When you and I

Were children in July

We would lay on our backs and look up at the evening sky.

A glimmer of sadness would wash o’er your eyes

And though we both knew the answer, I would never ask why.

When I awoke that cold morning in July

Alone, I looked up at the starless sky.

Heaven had taken you back to their abode

To leave me on this barren Earth alone.

Time reclaimed you and thus from this world you were free’d —

I cried for my loss and to the forces above I plea’d:

“O garish sun, o unrelenting moon,

The brightest of stars you took from me too soon!

You gave me a gift and the gift was our love so tender and small

But to take that from me was the cruellest punishment of all!

My love, my life, my light from afar,

There is not a thing I would not give for my evening star.”


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