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Do We Have To?

Do We Have To?
Isobel Russell


Doing suncream’s such a bore,

why we have to do this chore

nobody will ever know,

“Come on, let’s play, let’s go, go go!”

That is what they always say,

whenever there’s a sunny day!

Wriggling, wriggling like an eel,

parents think they should conceal

every single bit of skin,

so that the sun will not get in!


Once a boy named Joey Brown

stood for hours upside down

just to stop his mum (called Grace)


from putting suncream on his face!


In my eyes and up my nose,

my parents say that’s where it goes!

They con you saying it’s quite nice,

and then they grip you like a vice!

They plonk you on the windowsill,

“Be good,” they say, “Be very still!”


And so, dear reader, please be sure,

that you won’t make it such a chore.

Mums around the world, you see,

are craving from advice from me!

So I give out a sleeping pill,

that makes your children very still!



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