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Kathryn Victoria Evans

I looked across at him.
His face was all smiles and rainbows.
So was mine.
I slipped my fingers into his, squeezing his hand.
Then, without a word, we both stepped off the edge.
We fell together, down into the canyon.
He let go of my hand and let me fall on my own.
I looked up at him. A pair of angel wings sprouted from his back.
He hovered above me, then, his wings folded and he drifted down to me.

We landed in a meadow of flowers, laughing and holding our bellies.
He reached out for my hand and took it softly.
But, we just laughed harder.
The meadow folded up with us in it.
It turned and tilted like a glorious ride, then uncurled, dropping us onto a trampoline.
We bounced and flipped, screaming and gasping for breath.
We leapt higher and higher until we reached the clouds.

We skipped along a rainbow, shouting out the colours in time.
We chased each other along indigo and danced on red.
Then we jumped into a pot of gold at the end.
We trickled coins over each other and giggled at our luck.
Tiny leprechauns marched up to us and tipped us out of our gold bath.
We fell hand in hand and landed gently in our seats.
The teacher looked at us in turn, asking what the answer was.
We glanced at each other and