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Destiny of a Ghost

I am a ghost,

Afraid that people will see me,

I hide away,

Although no-one holds the key.


Nobody has found it yet,

And I hope they never will,

For I will die again when they do,

And my destiny will fulfil.


Once again, I’m terrified,

That they’ll charge like they did when they last came,

Again, I hope they won’t do it,

I hope they won’t do it the same.


I know my destiny cannot be stopped,

For the second time, they will charge uphill,

My spirit and ghost will die,

Before I even have time to write my will.


Unfortunately my story is tragic,

Right to the end, it’s sad,

I wish I had some way to stop them,

And take back the life I never had.


I am a ghost,

Now the key has been found,

I must go now,

Before they surround.


Erica Bassford

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