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Joe Pickles


Confidence is like you and me
There’s just one thing – it’s hard to see.
As silent as the snow it walks
It guides us on, but never talks.

In everyone it can be found
If trust is placed on bravery’s ground
We need to stand tall and make our sound.

Confidence holds us in its arms
Protects us in its mighty palms
Confidence is in everyone
Take the road of hope and it can be won
It knows us just like we do
And is near us when we try something new.

So I say this,
“Give fear a miss!
Be proud, be true
And when it is your time to speak
Say it loud and say it clear
Because you’ll know
Confidence is always near.”

Confidence is like me and you
If you try, it will be your friend too
So next time you feel some nerves
And you just want to make a swerve
Remember the words which passed my lips
And the warmth of confidence will be at your fingertips.



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