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Choosing the End

Choosing the End
Katie Gayton


How are we supposed to choose our lives,
When we are only 14?


We don’t know right from wrong;
Tea from coffee!
Why, when half of us can’t even get through an exam
Without shedding a tear, should our whole lives be put in
Our hands?
Being told to pick a card and hope it’s right.
Constantly being threatened by our teachers about unemployment and homelessness
When they were in our shoes and know exactly what it’s like!
School life is tough as it is with GCSEs drawing near,
Amongst bullies, stress and getting a good CV.
Then there’s homework, tests and being told to revise for
Twelve hours at a weekend whilst doing sports, music and D of E.
Where’s this time meant to come from?
Time doesn’t wait whilst we keep doing as we’re told,
Instead, it speeds up, just to prove how quickly our lives will take off.


So tell me this:
How, when preparing for the next step,
Are we supposed to choose its ending?


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