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A Sweet Moment in Time

“Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe” Beth whispered in Eliza’s ear. They saw an old, plump woman sitting behind the counter. Primrose owned the shop and now and then, gave them a freebie. Primrose cried, “Most days you’re my only customers, one day, I’m afraid, this shop will have to go!”

Beth bought two Freddos, one sour snake and one chocolate eggs. Eliza bought the same but two extra of everything as she liked chocolate more than anyone on Earth. They went their separate ways home and unwrapped their treats. Beth, a careful girl, unwrapped hers peeking inside, hoping for a surprise…. she got one…..

Out popped two frantically flipping frogs, one sly snake and two cheeky chicks. Their names were Freddy and Freda the frogs, Sally the snake and Charlotte and Chester the chicks. Beth was tempted to eat them whole as they were a mischievous bunch but got pecked by Chester for even trying. Beth blinked twice, pinched herself and asked if this was all a dream? She realised her friends couldn’t stay and get found out.

So at night, she slipped out of bed, silently opened her bedside drawer and woke the sleeping chocolate. As soon as she had a plan, the most amazing thing happened. The creatures glowed like a sparkly rainbow and wherever Beth desired to go – they went.

France was their first destination, Paris to be precise and they appeared right in front of the Trifle Tower. They left soon after as they didn’t have anywhere to sleep. Beth whispered to the others, “I’d like to go to London to see the Big City as I’m a country girl!”  “Well I suppose we could see what’s there?” Charlotte agreed. “Come on then!” Sally spat “Let’s go now!”

Without further delay, the magical creatures transported her to London. Once there, they wandered around the capital finding themselves staring up at the Houses of Polo Mints. They made up a game called ‘What I would do if I ran the country’. Chester said “What about more holidays? Talking of which, where to next?” Sally had an idea: “India! What about seeing the Mars Bar-Hal? I’ve heard it’s out of this world!”  “Great idea!” Beth exclaimed “Let’s go!”

In a flash they were there, staring at the wonderful building, wondering how it could stand up in all that heat. “Let’s go to the other side of the world” Freda and Freddy pondered “We’ve always fancied Australia!” They stopped off outside the Sydney Chocolate Mouse. The opera from inside sounded like Beth’s mum singing and made her homesick…..

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, with a flash of colour, Beth appeared back in her bedroom to find Eliza staring in amazement. Eliza broke the silence with her stomach rumbling. Pouncing on the sweets, Beth was horrified as her friend gobbled all the sweets up greedily. So Beth said, as casually as she possibly could, “So…. what’ve you been up to then?!”


Amelia Arnold

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