Summer Writing Challenge 2022

If you want to do some writing this summer, why not sign up for our Summer Writing Challenge?

The poet Liz Berry has designed five writing challenges for young writers aged 11-18. The challenges will be sent by email, and posted to our social media channels for five days beginning on Monday 25th July 2022. They can be done “live”, as they are sent out, or done at times to suit them. 

Liz has also made videos to further explain the challenge on our Spark Young Writers YouTube channel, which you will be able to see here, but well as included on the daily emails.

Designed to inspire young writers to write creatively, they will be the perfect springboard for a long piece of writing, or a short poem, and can be used in whichever way suits the writer.

We’d love to see what they write, so please encourage them to upload their writing, or parts of their writing, using #summerwritingchallenge2022.

picture describing summer writing challenge, with writerly objects floating around a picture of a watermelon, with a bite taken out
Summer Writing Challenge 2022 Sign Up
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If you’d like to submit a piece of your writing for possible inclusion in the magazine, please see the Get Involved page to see more details. This magazine is published online three times a year: summer (June/July), winter (October-December) and spring (February-April) terms.

With groups across the West Midlands, including 2 online-only groups, there will be a Spark Young Writers group near you.

Groups are open to young writers aged 8-17 who are interested in any type of creative writing.

Assistant Writers needed!

If you like creative writing and  would like to share your enjoyment with young people, join us! It’s great opportunity to learn how to run creative writing workshops and gain experience working with young people.

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