Issue 9

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Published online in April 2016.

Of course the most important part of Write On! is the writing. Actually, the only important thing is the writing. Even the writers come second to your having a good magazine to read and this is exactly the reason that Write On! continues to be a success. We’re not about showcasing writing just because it comes from our region and is by young writers: we’re here to make the very best magazine we can and to publicly demonstrate what we already knew was true. There is startling writing in the West Midlands and there is a degree of talent and expression that you can so clearly see when the best of it is presented in one place.

I’m not going to say you can have too much of a good thing but privately I did wonder: this issue received more submissions than ever.  Strong stuff, too: Rage by Hillery Phillip is written like a knife. Then Phoebe Case’s Technology is Not the Answer is a kind of intelligently silly poem that delights but makes a point you won’t miss.

As editor, you read work like this and you wonder where it comes from – but you know where it’s going. Around 60 percent of pieces submitted this time are in this issue waiting for you to read them. That’s a slightly lower acceptance rate than in recent issues yet with the volume of submissions it’s still a substantial read.

I envy what you have ahead of you: there are treats here and there are pieces that will stay with you. So go get a coffee and have a very good time.

William Gallagher – Write On! Magazine Editor

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