Issue 7

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Published online in July 2015.

The second thing I noticed when reading the submissions for this edition of the magazine, (the first was how high the quality of work is!) was that war is a common theme running throughout many of the pieces. Fitting for an issue published so close to the 70th anniversary of VE day in May, you will find poems and prose in this edition which capture the lives of those affected by the Second World War. Sonora Hills gives voice to five soldiers of varying ranks in her poem Chain of Command, while Matthew Kozlowski depicts a dramatic air-battle in his tense short story The Ambush. I also want to mention Megan Bounds’ Child Soldier, as this piece could be related to WWII, but is also relevant to the troubles going on in the world today. These young writers are using their talents to honour those who fought in the war, and reminding us of those who are still are affected by conflict.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of reading these submissions was how many pieces make you question the world around you. The writers who have submitted to this magazine are between the ages of 8-20, and yet they raise questions that adults ignore or accept as a normal part of life. In Katie Gayton’s Change, a child puts the adults to shame when she gives money to a homeless man, and Anika Patel ponders upon the tiny decisions made in everyday life in her piece, WHY?

The understanding of both the lighter and darker sides of humanity shines through in this issue. In addition, the questioning of social norms and identity has made this edition a fantastic, engaging read. Our writers are exploring different platforms of writing, including script-writing (check out Ruth Hetherington’s hilarious piece Monologue), adding variety to the collection of pieces.

I wish I could touch upon all of the writers, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises that await! Thank you to everyone who submitted and made editing the magazine so enjoyable.

Rosanne Rivers - Write On! Magazine Guest Editor 


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