Contents – Issue 7

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1. Why?
Anika Patel

2. The Beach
Nayantika Chaudary

3. Child Soldier
Megan Bounds

4. Change
Katie Gayton

5. A Royal Baby
Tanita Patel

6. The Ambush
Matthew Kozlowski

7. There’s a Thief…
Francesca Dix

8. The Box
Lilya Turner Hurd

9. Monologue
Ruth Hetherington

10. Desolate
Sophine Watkis

11. Untitled
Anika Patel

12. Broken Promises
Nabiyah Saddique

13. Frantic Flame
Ellie Withers

14. My Mother’s Tongue
Nabila Irshad

15. Futile
Eleana Turner Hurd

16. Computer
Sonora Hills

17. Ever-Blooming
Kaleia Hills

18. His Suitcase
Beth Russell

19. When
Sophine Watkis

20. The Night
Ellie Withers

21. Underwater Mountains
Nabila Irshad

22. The Bully
Lilya Turner Hurd

23. Meeting The Grim Reaper
Zoya Chaudhry

24. Undefeated
Katie Gayton

25. Chain of Command
Sonora Hills

26. Of the Race
Megan Depper

27. Storm
Eleana Turner Hurd



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