Contents – Issue 15

Contents – Issue 15

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  1. History Will Not Repeat Itself
    Maryam Alatmane
  2. Final Battle
    Aliya Waseem
  3. Crossing the Barrier
    Sayandeep Das
  4. Pray for the Perpretator
    Juliet Allarton
  5. The Man from a Faraway Land
    Sayandeep Das
  6. Impressions
    Kimaya Garg
  7. The Secret
    Ina Ross
  8. The Library. The temple of the story
    Laurie Archer
  9. Missing
    Abbey Pickess
  10. To the Ocean
    Maryam Alatmane
  11. Silence
    Benedict Christmas
  12. Keepsake
    Iona Mandal
  13. Glory
    Juliet Allarton
  14. Light and Shade
    Eliza Howe
  15. Knife Angel
    Iona Mandal
  16. She wears a crown of blood, sweat and tears
    Nayantika Chaudary

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