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Yours Sincerely

Yours Sincerely
Fanni Doroti Polgar

Dear Desire,
a small circle is better than one of wrong,
keep the loyal close – in love you will always belong.

Dear Fear,
you are as close to nature as roots of flowers,
be cautious or you shall gain power to devour.

Dear Passion,
you never appear to step out of fashion,
but promise to never blind, balance in ambition is key – take your steps in healthy rations.

Dear Necessity,
remind me should I ever forget,
you are one I could never live without; you should be priority without regret.

Dear Love,
you come and you leave, but above all remind who is true.
Promise to give warmth to the ones I love most. To you, love, this is a fundamental toast.

Dear Fate,
finally but never fatally, in the depths of despair you are one I resent.
Lecture me to live in the present as opposed to fearing your presence. Teach me to accept, even in times of grief and neglect.

Yours sincerely, me.