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Winter Renga
by the Birmingham Exchange Teen Spark Young Writers Group

Contributions by George, Jude, Isabel, Emma, James, Hattie, Toby, Alyanna, Radha, Emily, Emma, Sofiyyah and Nicholas.

Renga is a Japanese poem in the form of a tanka (or series of tanka), with the first three lines composed by one person and the second two by another.

Pine trees green and lush
A fire crackles, warm love
Rosy cheeks and hugs

Yellow snow is bad
I am just wishing for sun
I have no heating

The wind is cold, very cold
Frost bites the air, a fierce breeze

Clawing, bitter frost
Biting shivers at my spine
Cold death coming near

Trees are bare of flesh
Stark naked but they stand proud
Freckled in snowflakes

Harsh and heavy, take me home
Frost bitten and flushed cheeks

Twined in blankets of
frost, but also the arms of
a mother so warm

Winter cuts deeply
The hungry frost gnaws and bites
Like a blizzard’s sword

Icy air drowning you
Winter wind clawing blindly

Boots slip on cold curb
No soft falls in December
Hard for the clumsy

Snow falling outside
Cold, desolate, empty, dark
Radiator broke

Wind hushes and laughs softly
Biting round exposed red cheeks

Winter is the best
I really like snowball fights
Winter is the best

Frozen in the ice
One final rose still in bloom
Petals falling down

Hats fly away and hopes, too
Winter wind a cold lesson

White and frosty air
Feels less magical, no snow
Is it summer yet?

Winter, what a time
Remove snow with salt not burn
everyone around the fire