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Sophia Fras

I look outside, what do I see?
A white blanket all over the earth.
I look at the lake, what do I see?
It is all frozen, it’s no place to surf.

I rush downstairs to get ready 
And put on my wellies, gloves and hat.
I grab the keys and open the front door,
And I say goodbye to my cat.

I hear friends playing happily, shouting.
I run over and join in the fun.
Once I’m out my lips get colder,
I can see my breath in the morning sun.

I roll up a snowball with the crisp, fresh snow.
As I prepare to throw I shout ‘snowball fight’!
1 2 3 4 CANNONBALL!!!!
As it zooms past it glints in the light.

‘Fight over, snowman building now” I say,
Everyone rushes towards me, while collecting snow.
His body grows as we pile it all up.
He stands tall above us as we work below.

We have finished building and I get out the skis,
I hand them out to my friends.
We start off down the hill,
We glide and whizz round the bends.

We take off our skis and the seeker counts.
It’s time for hide and seek, I have found a hiding spot.
It is in an old oak tree in the forest,
Inside the trunk is a hollow like a pot.

Now we all have to say goodbye,
It is time to go.
It was a lot of fun,
Being out in the frosty snow.

I am so bitterly cold,
My fingers are numb.
My nose is red
I had lots of fun.

It’s warm by the fire.
I curl up in bed.
I dream sweet dreams,
As I cuddle my ted.