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Why I’m Cross

Why I’m Cross
Tabitha Ritchie

Hi. Yeah you can come and join me, I don’t mind. Look, you’re probably wondering what has got me in such a bad mood. Well, you see those people over there? Yeah? Well they are just so mean. Honestly, I’m not joking. I know they look nice, kind, caring and la di da but once you know them, it’s torture. When I first met them I made that mistake too. Literally as soon as they see me in the morning they start making fun of me, calling me names, treating me like I’m a baby!

It’s so unfair and the thing is no one tries to stop it, they just say things like: “Come on, we need to go!” or “Look, I’m sure he likes you but you need to do your homework.” Which by the way I do not like them, no I hate them! I know, strong words, but trust me, sometimes you just get a feeling about these things and right now I’m having a pretty big feeling that I don’t like them. They treat me like a toy, like they own me, which they don’t by the way. All I’ve ever been is nice. Treating them like a friend, asking for food nicely, what more do they want?

So now I just sit here, on this wall waiting for the day to end, a clock to chime twelve times in the dead of night. Hoping so bad they won’t see me during tea and endlessly shout at me, snapping their fingers as if I’m a servant treating their every need. I know my tale is well, slightly worse than boring and not as tragic as it sounds in my head but thank you for-

Oh, no! Here they come, quick, hide, save yourself! It’s too late for me! Run, save yourself whilst you can! They’ll be so awful!

“Oh, who’s a cute cat!!”