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Up and Through the Snow

Up and Through the Snow
Simran Kaur

I sit by a fire that grows and crackles
And cracks the ice that grows within
And melts the frost that grows like shackles
Upon the window and door.

Then I hear a call,
A howl on the air,
Wails and tugs that rise and fall,
Blows and moans through the door.

I step out upon the snow,
Untouched it was till now
And as the wind doth gently blow
I see something in the woods.

A mist has already settled
And now covers my eyes
And floats in the trees nestled
As the trees moan, leaves dishevelled.

I follow a red fiery thing,
Up and into the woods
And as the wind shall now sing
I shall run through the trees with something inside me burning.

I leave in the snow only my tracks
That are soon covered thickly yet.
I jump over cracks
Carefulness I only lack.

I find what I had long been chasing
Up and down the woods
And only a fox stood pacing
Up upon the snowy casing.

And now I sit a restless soul
Until I hear a call.