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Unlocking the Lockdown

Unlocking the Lockdown
Adarsh Madhan

Staying at home
Not allowed to freely roam
Makes me want to moan
Because I’m alone
Being at one place
Feels like a never-ending race
Barely remembering
My loved ones’ face
Like the soaring birds
I can only wish to be
Cause no one can imagine to be
As unleashed and carefree
Missing the raindrops and the
gush of the sea
Honking of buses and cars
chasing behind me
The hustle and bustle of people
on the street
Rushing to school before I was late
Laughing with my friends
Giggling with glee
Sitting with a book under a tree
I just wish to be free
Although Lockdown
Has always made me frown
There are some things
That don’t make me feel so down
Pollution has decreased
Mother Nature released
Although we aren’t flourishing
The earth is nourishing
Though we are in the perils
of this situation
I’ve managed to meet
adventure requirements
Saying hi to my friends in
a virtual environment
Even to my Grandparents
who are in retirement
Surfing the internet
Or researching the planet
Experimenting with new hobbies
And feeding my doggy
Old board games like carrom and chess
Have been revived from
the dusty cupboards
And with my family more time is spent
More than I would usually bother
I am certain that this world will return
As from our many mistakes we learn
That “every cloud has a silver lining”
Soon this world will be rid of whining