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Underwater Mountains


Underwater Mountains
Nabila Irshad


And so I threw nickels into Glorious skies,
Thinking time could be
Brought to a standstill,
Passing slowly like the
Cancers of guilt engulfing
The valves of my heart.


And then I left work without
Giving my resignation,
Simply because I laid,
Like a cocoon who would
Never fulfil her soaring destiny,
On cold hard floors,
Hoping that all familiar click
In the forsaken door would sound.

It didn’t.

Full moons lived and passed,
And I simply couldn’t face the
Fears of becoming the nightmares of my childhood any longer,
So I decided to pack my unravelling suitcases,
Hammer into my miniature piggy banks,
And venture into the seas of underwater mountains,
Throwing nickels into midnight blue skies as I submerged,
All in the wooing hopes I would strike lucky
This time around.


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