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Total Invasion

Total Invasion
Chyenne Linton

I’m Judy and I’m nine. You know how parents always tell you to never lie, don’t be rude and all that stuff? The biggest rule in our house is: NEVER ENTER YOUR SISTER’S ROOM! Well, you may be able to go in your sister’s bedroom freely, but me, if I go in, I might not come out alive!

My older sister has always described me as a despicable creature. As far as she is concerned, I stole the affection she had when she was an only child aged seven and for that she punished me. I’d had enough, I needed to find out my big sister’s thoughts and fast, she needed to be stopped! I wanted to read her diary! I thought and thought about it, and the only real consequence was to find out how to think like a moody teenager. ERRRHHH!

I had to think carefully and prepare.

Listen, I know the title of this story is kind of dramatic, but, well, my sister thought of it and she is really dramatic! Seriously, she really overeacted, but you’ll find out why.

Jane and mom went shopping for Jane’s birthday party. This was my opportunity and I seized the moment. I tiptoed into Jane’s room. I stopped and looked up longingly at the pile of clothes sitting on her bed. “Judy! Juuuuudy!” they called to me.

I could not go into Jane’s room without trying something on. Other than “no midnight snacks” which is a rule I distinctly ignored on purpose – don’t tell mummy – and the Jane’s room thing, it was the only other rule that mattered to me. I had to!

I smothered lipstick on as neatly as I could. It didn’t work! I looked like I had poured a tin of tomato soup on my face. Before long, I had raided the whole of my big sister’s wardrobe, the room was a mess, suddenly, there it was.

The diary.

Hooray, my mission was complete! “Don’t look!”, I told myself.

The temptation was too strong. I flipped off the lock and gazed longingly up at the hand-embroidered diary, held it up to my face and studied each word…

“Dear diary, Judy is quiet. She has barely spoken to me and even let me hog the TV! I tried to argue but she refused and smiled. I’m really missing our daily arguments, it is the highlight of my day. I’ll have to up my game if I want to have any fun in this house! Jane xxx”

OMG! I’m mouth-wide-open shocked! She enjoys our arguments? I can’t believe it. I… I… I … can’t think… She loves me? The shock was exhausting! I was ready for my glass of milk, a hug from my mummy and a nap

OH, NO! The door creaks…


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