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They Call Me Different

They Call Me Different
Francesca Dix

They call me different… but aren’t we all?

Aren’t you tired of the way society is treating us, the way they mock
us for our individuality, our uniqueness? We are the brave ones, the ones who look stereotype in the face and bring him down, crying on the ground.

They call me different… but is there really a problem with that?

Sure, we all have insecurities, but don’t they come from the reigning pressure inside us that threatens to break us down if we don’t become carbon copies of the typical queen bee? The cheerleader with only enough braincells in her whole body to compose an outfit for the day, which is usually the same crop top that falls so far down her… well let’s not go into that.

They call me different… but shouldn’t we be proud of that?

We need to make a stand and take down the writhing emotions that spell failures with every wrong move you make. There are two roads in life. One is uniform and the same all the way down. The other is bursting with life, laughter and personality. Which would you rather take?

They call us different… but that’s something to embrace.

You are you, I am me. And whether you’re a unicorn-loving super nerd or a geek that chooses to spend most of her day playing with friends instead of shopping at the new Primark or standing in front of mirrors, obsessing over their butt- and waist-size, remember we are born this way, we are who we make ourselves.