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The Werewolf’s Howl


The Werewolf’s Howl
Jessica Barnett


As the black night rolled on, I saw –

The full moon glow with pride.

And the shapeless shadow of a tree as it loomed over me.

The handsome face of the clear sky beckoned me forward,

And a giant figure lurking in the darkness.


As the black night rolled on, I heard –

The werewolves howl pierce the night,

A deep growl as a startled pig yelped.

The rip cutting through me like a knife,

The pig became eerily silent.

My heart beat fast!


As the black night rolled on, I smelt –

The disgusting stench of the breath that hung around me,

Blood as red as the sign ‘Danger’!

Raw pig overwhelmed me with terror!


As the black night rolled on, I tasted –

The bitter air tastelessly making me ice cold,

And the alerting werewolf standing over me.

The horrible taste of fear running through me

As the beast clenched its jaws, showing off its fangs.


As the black night rolled on, I felt –

The rough bark of a tree as I staggered back,

And the fur of the werewolf as hard as sandpaper.

As I fell to the ground the leaves shook with terror.

The feeling of life ran through my body.


As the black night rolled on, remembered –

My mother’s constant enthusiasm,

My brother’s happy grin.

The state my once-wonderful life had ended in,

Then nothing…



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