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The Visitor


The Visitor
Joe Derbyshire

CLICK! A door opens,

the flush of a toilet,

and a light turned on.


SHUFFLE! Footsteps patter,

and a puff of dust.

Shoes on a carpet.


“HELLO!” The voice,

Receptionists greeting,

a man with a dark voice.


“6C?” A question,

from the man of dark.

“That way sir!” Receptionist.


STOMP! He’s off,

towards 6C,

swaying his arms.


“HA!HA!” A tuneful laugh,

one of the Nursery TA’s,

coming out of the library.


FLOP! A piece of cake,

dropped in the Staff room,

rolling onto the floor.


JUMP! He’s down the stairs,

cloak flying like the tail of a bird,

waving in the air.


“DO!RE!ME!” A music lesson.

The man grumbles in annoyance,

wincing at the sound.


SCRIBBLE! Pen’s on paper.

A poetry lesson,

in the class 6C!


CREAK! The door to 6C,

in steps an inspector,

my worst nightmare!


“PHEW!” My sigh,

in a cubicle,

hiding in the boys toilets!



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