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The Tunnel

All was total blackness again – blacker, it seemed, than ever. Gordon scrambled to his feet grasping the chest once again. They walked on. In complete silence. Sheila was petrified: hands shaking; lips trembling; thumbs twiddling. The pair of them could see anything except the light at the end of the tunnel that seemed endless in the distance it was impossible to reach.

All too soon Gordon and Sheila heard formidable yet familiar voices. They both knew trouble was only a few feet away. Someone was shouting at what seemed only a boy (maybe even younger than them) and the voice sounded angry. Sheila could only hear a few words but that was it. Gordon was trying to tell Sheila – by mouthing it – “to turn around and run!” Suddenly they could hear the water being kicked about and only then did Sheila realise the danger was walking towards them!

She dropped the box and plunged underwater. The coldness wrapped around her like a blanket. Gordon watched her, and watched the evil men behind him. He dived underwater and let the refreshing water cover his body.

The familiar men waded on and finally they reached Sheila and Gordon. One of them trod on Gordon’s fingers and pain surge through him. He bit his tongue to stop him from screaming in agony. It was so dark the men didn’t realise there was anyone there.

Gordon’s lungs were screaming for air. As soon as they passed they sat up and gulped down air like a drink.

Gordon stood up and Sheila followed they went back to grab their chest only it wasn’t there…

They both spun around rapidly, listening intently they both heard a low bellow “I’ve got it! “ Instantly Gordon knew that at the end of the tunnel a man was clutching his treasure. They both hurried to the light, that seemed further than ever.

Sheila runs on ahead. Not knowing where Gordon is. He was running behind panting all the while. Eventually he can’t run any further he collapses to the ground. He feels his head spinning and stares at Sheila racing on.

He knew he could not shout otherwise the men would see them. So he lay on the dank ground by himself. Waiting. Hoping Sheila will come back…


Jessica Sandhar


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