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The Struggles of Growing Up

The Struggles of Growing Up
Mariana Bernardo

If being a black woman in this world wasn’t bad enough, Katrina has just come to terms with her sexuality. Yeah, she definitely isn’t straight.

Ever since 7th grade she had been feeling different from the other girls. All her friends did was talk about boys, but she really didn’t see any interest in that. And now, in 9th grade, she finally had to face it. The problem was… what now? Who was she going to tell? Her friends? Her parents? No one, perhaps? She was really scared of what would happen if she revealed her secret. All her life she had to deal with malicious comments from her classmates or even random people on the street about her skin colour and now adding this to the things people could make fun of her for.

But she knew she had to tell someone. It would make it easier for her to let off steam with someone about what she was feeling. So, she decided to go to the people who care about her most. Or so she thought. It was probably one of the most terrifying things she’s been through, and she had been through a lot. Never did she think she would hear such hurtful words coming out of her parents’ mouth. But at the end of the day, it could’ve been worse. “I mean at least I still have a roof over my head,” she thought.

At school she felt so alone. She had her friends of course. But the loneliness came from inside. She felt as if she was the only one feeling this way and she felt… lonely. That is, until one day, her friend Felicia, a beautiful young African American girl told her she needed to talk to her.

As they were walking home after school, Felicia told her. “I know this might come out of nowhere for you, but I needed to tell someone and you’re the person I trust the most.” That’s when she told her “I’m bisexual,” and suddenly the world didn’t feel as lonely as before. After that Katrina felt a sudden happiness that just made her share all her problems and thoughts with her friend.

A few days after this event, Katrina’s parents walked into her room one evening and apologised for their harsh words and promised to be more considerate parents from then on. All you ever need in the world is someone who cares.