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The Revenge

Billy liked where he lived.  Southfield was a quiet place, but there was a gang.   A horrible, mean gang of bullies.  They didn’t bully people for a reason, they just did it for fun.  There are five members of the gang: George, Justin, Dan, Shay and Kasper.   Every time Billy went out they would call him names and laugh at him.  Sometimes, even do physical stuff.  But after a while, Billy got angry, really angry.  That night, Billy made a plan, a great plan, to stop the bullies forever. The Revenge.

Billy’s plan was to take place at next Sunday’s football match.  Billy’s team, Southfield United, were to play Huckleberry FC, who the bullies played for.  It was a big match, because whoever won would go top of the league. 

On the day of the match, Billy was nervous.  To make the plan work, Billy needed the match to go to penalties.  Half time Southfield were 2-1 down, but made it 2-2 in the second half.  Finally, The Revenge could take place.

The two teams gathered to decide who would be taking the penalties.  Southfield decided very quickly, unlike Huckleberry.  George, Justin, Dan, Shay and Kasper were busy bullying the other players in their team to let them take the penalties.  This was Billy’s chance to get his secret weapon – The Boomerang Ball.  Billy crept away from his team, unnoticed, into the changing room and got the Boomerang Ball.  Making sure no-one was looking, he quickly set off towards the penalty spot, swapped the balls and then sprinted to the side-line to keep the real ball safe ready for Southfield to use.

Huckleberry were first to take a penalty.  Shay stepped forward.

He took his run-up and smacked it over the bar, but just before it hit the crowd it swung round heading straight towards Shay’s face. Shay had no time to react. And with an almighty THUD it wacked him in the face, knocking him to the ground. “That wiped the smirk off his face” Billy giggled to himself.

It was Southfields turn and Billy kicked the proper ball over to his team-mate just in time.  “Bring the ball back to me” Billy gestured and mouthed.  His team-mate took a good penalty, but the keeper managed to save it.

The same happened to Justin, Dan, George and Kasper. The ball kept coming back and hitting them in the face! Nobody noticed Billy secretly swapping the balls – the bullies were too busy bothering about missing their penalties and other people were too busy bursting with laughter!

Unluckily, Southfield had missed all of their penalties but they had one left.  Billy stepped forward.


The crowd fell silent, even the bullies stopped their bothering.  All eyes were on Billy, the ball and the goal.  He ran up and smashed it right in the bottom corner, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way.  Billy had done it.  He had won the match, Southfield were top of the league and Billy had got his revenge.


Harry Hawkesford


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