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The Mechanical Machinery House

The Mechanical Machinery House

Heather Mortimer



Far, far away in a distant land was a machinery house but it wasn’t any old house like you would expect. Nothing was ordinary about it. It had a dusty boot sticking out and was as disgusting and tattered as a ragged dress that had been battered through a terrible storm. There was even a crooked umbrella which they used to say was for a sun-shade.

On one particular sunny, Summer’s day a whirring noise came from inside the bent, gloomy house and then stopped. There was silence. You could even hear the sharpest pin drop onto the petals of a sweet smelling flower. The beautiful villagers were so shocked that they rushed into their lovely snug cottages. All except one shy little girl, Diamond, who loved stories, especially the ones with aliens in them.

She tiptoed up to the creaky door and shoved it open. There before her were the most extraordinary machines whizzing around the place, darting to and fro.

Diamond thought that she should investigate this mysterious building. So she rushed through corridors, peered into a rusty trap-door and even climbed up some dusty, stringy vines that led into the very centre of what looked like a HUGE SPACE SHIP!

A funny looking alien emerged. His anteneyes drooped sadly. All of a sudden Diamond had the courage of braveness and the tingling feeling that you get when you’ve had your dream treat!

The intelligent girl asked anxiously “Hello, may I know your name?”

“Certainly. My name is Google McSlime.”

As Google McSlime talked there was a strange sadness in his antennae’s. “Is anything a problem?” asked Diamond worriedly.

The alien said in a whisper “Could you help me please? Get all of the Moondust out of the engines so that I can fly back home!”


Diamond looked around. There was a sign which said “Exciting Engine”. She was as quick as the wind! Google McSlime watched her in admiration as she dusted and dug out dirty mud. At last there was no more muck in the machine.

Meanwhile the alien was lying on a deck-chair whilst fanning himself and saying “This is the life…”

Suddenly the engine started to shake back into life. When Diamond peered round she no longer saw Google McSlime looking sad. He had a huge smile on his face. Diamond smiled back! It felt like a spell had been broken.

Everything was glowing in that happy place now.


The kind-hearted alien said “You are my best friend ever!”

Diamond told Google McSlime about her family and how she was really missing them. So she hugged Google and set off to her home.

Once she arrived at her Grandparents little cottage she saw a HUGE parcel with her initials on. Inside was a lucky shiny star.

So whenever you see a special star it just might be Diamond’s. You never know, there might be a small chance!


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