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The Man Who Sold His Soul

Falcon wanted eternal life. Falcon would get eternal life. But God saw what Falcon was doing and made sure that Falcon would never get eternal life. Falcon was 31 and hunted every day for eternal life and never found it. He searched, sacrificed, and even murdered to find it. One night he had a vision. A vision that terrified him. He saw himself wandering to the edge of the world, old and weary, and he dropped dead. He was so terrified, that he ran through the ancient forest that not one person had ever come out alive. He ran so fast that his eyes hurt and it seemed like everything was against him. He ran and ran like he was riding on a cheetah. He ran and ran and ran until he came to an ancient stone circle….

The ancient stone circle was, well, ancient. But it was creepy. “Turn back!” The wind seemed to say. “Turn back before it`s too late!” The whole stone circle smelled mouldy, like gone off cheese. Falcon felt the wind rushing past him, stinging his eyes. Suddenly, he fell and he tasted mud. His legs ached after all that running, and ached like they would never stop after he fell. He stood up, stretching his back. He was still terrified after he saw the petrifying dream that almost turned him to stone. Imagine seeing the future? You see your lifelong wish crumble in front of you. This was exactly what happened to Falcon.

He would still find eternal life, whatever happened. This was of course, very stubborn and Falcon vowed to find eternal life before his life ended. But when he looked around, all the exits seemed all the same. He was lost. At night it was dangerous for many reasons. Wolves roamed the city and most certainly the forest. Going out in the middle of the night was what a 12-year-old would do for a dare. Falcon heard movement outside the stone circle and faint growling in the distance. His body turned to ice; he was super-glued to the spot. Suddenly six wolves swiftly pounced towards Falcon, ready to enjoy 180 pounds of meat. “Be gone!” A voice called out, concealed in the darkness. The voice sounded like all the evil in

the world had been trapped into a bottle like a genie, and a devil had drunk it. The wolves slunk off, like a naughty child who had just been told off. “Who are you?” asked Falcon. “I am Satan! Master of evil!” the voice said, “What do you want?” “E-e-e-eternal

l-l-life” stuttered Falcon. “Ah! But there is a price for that.” The voice said. “Your soul.” “T-t-take i-it t-then.” Falcon stuttered, disbelieving he was actually going to get it. The devil came out of the shadows and reached his hand into Falcon`s mouth. Suddenly Falcon found himself in hell. He would have eternal life-and eternal suffering. But what good it is to claim the world, but to lose your only soul?


Asher Jordan


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