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The Man from a Faraway Land

The Man from a Faraway Place
Sayandeep Das

I met a man from faraway lands, many decades ago.
When the world was so very bad, And life was full of woe.

I got to know him well
and he talked about his life. He told me about the stories, of how countless words pierced him like sharp knives.

I asked him to explain,
he said many people were bad. That they said words to him, that were often so, so sad.

He said he had left his country thousands of miles away.
His family had been killed in a brutal war, going on for many a day.

He tried to save himself,
but much to his dismay,
he saw that people from my country, turned him down as a castaway.

He lived off the street,
and begged for food and money.
He had nowhere to go,
and nowhere to live,
and when he asked for “a spare penny,” his skin colour meant,
no one had anything to give.

I felt horrible for him,
and guilty about myself,
I had all the comforts in the world, but when I heard his story,
The horrible truth was unfurled.

Why is the world so evil?
Why is the world so bad?
Why is there so much war?
Which makes so many people go mad.
Why is the world such a fearful place to live? Why can’t we just reside inpeace?
Why is there so much slaughtering? Which makes the population,
slowly decrease.

Maybe one day there will be a cure. Maybe one day we will know for sure. Maybe one day the pain will go away. We might resolve our problems one day. Maybe one day we will be okay,
Maybe one day…

But sometimes in the world today, there are some people who do fulfill, the wishes of happiness and good will.

They do not see skin colour in their eyes
and no gender to them applies.
For whom you should love and whom you should despise, follow those people I should advise.

These people love multicultural communities.
So they can embrace other’s diversity.
These people take and love you for who you are, not if you have a fancy watch or a nice car. These people cannot bear to see you suffer, they will try and help you,
so your life doesn’t become tougher.

Be like these people I would suggest And the world would not be a place of Such sadness, fear and despair.