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The Lion’s Prey

The Lion’s Prey

Adil Ihsan

Swaying in the gentle breeze of the African savannah, the long yellow grass hid the lion from the view of the naked eye. His auburn mane protruded from around his large face. The golden coat that encased his body was sleek and shiny, but the grass that towered above the crouched African king of the jungle shielded him from sight. Glistening white teeth gleamed under the baking heat of the sun. His pointed claws jutted out of his front paws that were outstretched in front of him. However, his dark eyes stared ahead intently, at the waterhole.

The menacing eyes flashed with sudden interest. The predator had caught sight of a stooping gazelle sipping gently from the water. The gazelle’s plump body was tinted with a rich caramel colour that was highlighted in some places as a touch of baby pink. Chocolate coloured horns that were ringed with white were gently dipped into the water as the gazelle continued to drink. The lion’s mouth watered and drops of spittle indicating his hunger dripped on the ground. Bending his hind legs, the lion roared and leapt.

The gazelle didn’t need to see what it was, it just ran. The lion roared again whilst directly behind the gazelle. Hooves pattering against the mud made the lion’s hunger intensify as the gazelle led him into the forest. The sunlight was immediately blotted out as the dark green leaves that came from the enormous trees that were dotted everywhere. Moss covered ground was lush and flowers blossomed. Springs of water fell and birds swooped through the sky. Oblivious to the beauty surrounding him, the lion’s gaze remained fixed on his prey. Darting on, the evident lack of stamina began to show through the gazelle and it began to slow down. Knowing that it was time, the lion pounced. Thrusting his energy from his hind legs, the lion  jumped up into the air directly over the gazelle. Poised perfectly, the lion fell – claws first – into the gazelle and brought it to the ground. The claws that were dug into the gazelle’s sides did not move once, not until blood began to ooze out. After making sure the gazelle was dead, the lion dragged its lifeless body back to his pack, knowing they were in for a feast.


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