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The Library. The Temple of the Story

The Library. The temple of the story
Laurie Archer

Where word weavers gather to share ideas, compare writing and be inspired.

Where book lovers come to pick up their latest tale of crime, romance or comedy.

The guardians of the book world gather here. Their lanyards clearly stating their position of power.

The authors make their magic here as word after word flows from their soul and onto the page or screen.

In the library’s heart are the readers. Scanning their eyes over word after word and then blogging about it.

The wizard stands tall as he pours out the words of a classic children’s book, inspiring and amazing all the baby dragons.

The temple of the authors, the book worms and the word nerds.

The meeting place of the magicians and sorcerers of the written text.

The school of the story and the college of the grammar.

The library. Temple of the story. Temple of the world.