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The Human Mechanism of Dancing

The Human Mechanism of Dancing
Sadeen Ahmad

her elegant feet spoke beautiful melodies of songs: with one belting out the lyrics.
a beautiful serenity that flowed like bending water.

no words spoken, just emotion pounding with every twirl and step.
encapsulating the tears and laughs that made this movement a flowing river.

those calloused, bruised feet now effortlessly twirling and pointing.
flashes of blue and pink fabric daring to twirl with the dancer.

the dancing now almost melting in the music,
like it was a swan gliding on its own: no restraining chains or words to hold it back.

a rhythm drawing all eyes in.
painting a picture of things too good to be true.

finishing with a never-ending, hypnotising twirl that could take away your breath.
ending with a standing ovation, conjoined with cries and hollers and of people watching,
and living

for ballerina dancing.