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The Haunted House

The Haunted House

Katie Whitehouse




One night, Katie, a little girl, was trick-or-treating. But she wasn’t with her mum and dad! She wanted to go without them… DING-DONG! Katie rang the bell of a house and a kind old lady opened it.

“Hello, little girl. Came for some candy?” said the old lady.

“Umm…yes. Trick-or-treat!!” said Katie hopefully.

The old lady gave Katie some yummy candy and shut the door.

“Yummy!” said Katie.

Next, she walked up to another house. But this house wasn’t normal. It was big and had lots of moss all over it! She knocked on the door slowly. KNOCK…KNOCK…KNOCK! went the hollow oak door. The big doors opened and Katie shivered.

“T-t-this is spooky!” she said, shaking with fear.

Katie walked into the house and went into the living room. It was jet black! So Katie pulled out her torch and flicked it on. She pointed it at the floor and was given a HUGE surprise. There was the most petrifying, massive spider you had ever seen!

“WAAH!” squealed Katie and ran upstairs as quick as she could!

She looked around and tip-toed across the hallway. Katie heard scary creaking and WHOOOOing noises. Katie could take this no more! She ran downstairs and bumped into the massive spider again. Suddenly, it started to grow larger and LARGER UNTIL… it was as big as Katie.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!” screamed Katie, very loud! She squeezed past the spider and ran out of the house. Katie clasped the door handles and pushes them shut!

“Oh, phew!!!” said Katie, very relived to be out.

She wiped her forehead and went back home, shivering all the way. However, when she got home, mommy had brought a puppy for her. So it wasn’t too bad after all.




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