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The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution
Agnete Flatnes Skarveland Skeisvang

Pure, fresh air with every intake of breath
Birds singing, sitting in a tree and swinging
The nature is so green, it’s lovely
A beautiful tree, standing free

The forest is living, but now we’re destroying
Fresh air was all around, now the fragrance of exhaust fumes abounds
We think we are clever, holding a knife to the environment’s throat
Peace and harmony turned to strife and agony

Everyone is watching, but no one understands what is happening
The world is depraved, we are digging our own graves
They blame each other, but don’t see that we must all change
Everyone is a sinner, you must look onto your own mirror

Each season used to be different, now we have naked mountain sides
Spring comes too soon, breaking open winter’s thin cocoon
Everyone longs for summer, but it never comes
Autumn has completely taken over, but nobody does anything because they slumber

We give the whale a rose, because its life ended with a plastic bag
In the middle of a green winter, we see a white hare, a sprinter
Animal habitats are destroyed, because everything is coated with plastic
We must do something faster, it is urgent, it’s not enough to use mere sticking plaster

They pollute all the time, not seeing that they have exceeded far beyond the earth’s pain threshold
The world is constantly ravaged by floods, nature’s judges demand blood
We look away in discomfort, we know that the damage has already been done
We are the ones who must admit we’re found wanting, then perhaps we can do something

If the problem can be addressed, perhaps we can still make amends
Everything we have damaged and affected, all the pain we have inflicted
We must ask the earth for forgiveness, and hope that we can avoid our own mass funeral
Though the earth’s scars may disappear altogether, it will remember this forever

It is time for reflection, to put our foot down
Single use plastic, we must cut it out, there is no time to hang about
Air traffic must be reduced, so that climate change can be slowed
We must turn to sustainability and reuse, change poor habits and consumerist abuse

All this responsibility you’re handing over, it’s really your problem
You must be fair, we need help to make repairs
We cannot fix everything alone, we must cooperate and increase our number
Help us to avoid defeat, so generations to come can avoid the terrifying heat

Even though it seems like a major challenge, I believe that we can eventually find a solution
There is so much more we can do, let us unite and protect the environment for me and you
If everyone tries, with the luck of a four leaf clover
We can get back where we belong, awakening to beautiful bird song