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The Fear and the Fury

The Fear and the Fury
Sophie Horton


I write this, my last,
As my life comes to an end,
I know who it is to be,
The man no longer my friend.

My heart as it beats,
I cherish every pound,
The heat of my body,
Soon cold in the ground.

The clock strikes one,
Now my last hour,
No way to defend,
Against him no power.

The light how it flickered,
While lying on my bed,
A creak of the floor,
And now I’m…dead.

He is such a fool,
Up there all alone.
He deserves what he gets,
The horrible old crone.

I never saw
Myself as a killer.
I was a good man,
Now I’m a sinner.

My hands, they’re trembling,
My knees they’re weak,
I’m ashamed, I am nervous,
Out here on the street.

I’m stood right here,
About to strike.
I’ve cut the power,
I’m holding the knife.


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