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The Dragon

The Dragon
Alexandra Berry


Red scales the colour of rubies glistened in the fire light as the large creature more slowly around the damp dark cave. Its huge shadow flickered in the fire light as it sighed tempestuously.

Outside the cave the rain lashed down, and the wind wailed just out of reach in the pitch black night. The dragon’s tail swished as it listened closely to every sound as in the distance he could hear hurried footsteps approaching. One set were heavy like boulders smashing down on the rocky path while the other were light too light making their steps barely audible. The two pairs of footsteps moved nearer and nearer to where the dragon hid. Lifting his head up like a dog the dragon’s gaze moved slowly around to the cave entrance. The footsteps hesitated at the cave mouth as the cloaked figures glanced at each other before entering the lair. The figures’ shadows danced on the cave walls, conducted by the orange flames which the dragon had created in the centre of the cavernous room, earlier that day.

The dragon looked down at the wind swept, rain soaked travellers and stated rather condescendingly, “So you have arrived.”

The shivering figures glared up at the dragon but said nothing.

“Well I must say it is very nice to have guests, even if they are only temporary.”

The dragon flicked his green eyes between the cloaked humans whilst smiling a large cruel smile with sharp pointed teeth. It leapt without warning at the figures causing them to fall back against the sharp jagged wall. As they fell their hoods slipped revealing their faces to the dragon, who recognised them instantly.


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