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The Cloak of Prophecy

The Cloak Of Prophecy
Heather Mortimer

A girl ran speedily through the forest hoping that all her troubles would instantly vanish and she could be a normal girl like any other twelve year old but she knew that would never happen. Her hair twinkled in the moonlight like jewels. She thought about that terrifying cloak that kept haunting her in her dreams and that mysterious voice that kept whispering the dreaded prophecy to her over and over again. Without wanting to she had memorized it. The girl, whose name was Alice, collapsed near a tree and fell asleep.

In her dream there was a cloak hovering over her and she could hear a rasping voice muttering the dreaded prophecy.

Trapped in a ring,

Cursed by a King,

Betrayed by a friend,

Your suffering will never end.

She was awoken by a girl tapping her gently on the arm. Alice looked up into the eyes of a beautiful princess, eyes she knew well. “Rosa!”

One line of the prophecy came to the front of her mind but she knew that Rosa would never betray her. She was her very best friend.

For a while they stared at each other awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Finally Rosa broke the silence. “Come to the Palace with me. It is much warmer and cosier.”

Deep in the dungeons of the Palace his Majesty, King Blackener was muttering charms under his breath, over his sacred ring. The ring glowed with a blood red light. The King cackled, evilly. This ring was a source of power and magic. It devoured souls and bequeathed  immortality.

Alice and Rosa finally reached the Palace. Alice was tired and troubled. Rosa was upset. Her friend was obviously distressed by something and she didn’t know what.

Rosa did know that her Father was very wise. He scared her tremendously but for her friend to be happy she would do anything. Once they were inside the Palace and Alice had been taken to her room, Rosa ran to find the King.

He was in the Throne Room. “Why are you bothering me?” He demanded. “Please, I’ve brought a friend, who is in distress. Can you help her?”

The King’s eyes lit up at the word “friend”. “A friend did you say? Ah – yes, I know the perfect solution for a troubled soul. Give her this box and when she opens it, it will heal her instantly but beware; you must be out of the room when she opens it.” Rosa took the box gratefully and hurried out of the Throne Room.

Rosa handed the box to Alice. She explained to Alice that whatever was in the box would wash all of her troubles away in a moment.

As Alice opened the gift Rosa slipped quietly away. Inside was a diamond ring that shone invitingly. Alice snatched at it and put it on her finger.

Alice screamed helplessly as her soul was sucked into the sacred ring. She was answered by silence.

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