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The Chocolate Theft Mystery

The Chocolate Theft Mystery
Araf Rahman

It was Chocolate Week in Happyville and the 200th anniversary of when chocolates were invented in 1820. Everyone was so excited for the special festival in Happyville Park, taking place on Sunday. Especially two friends, James and Simon, who were friends since Playgroup and are both 12. They couldn’t wait for the festival, especially because they so loved chocolate.

It was Sunday, the last day of the week and the festival. Almost everyone from Happyville attended it. People were selling chocolate ice-cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate cakes, chocolate milkshakes, and more. Jake and Simon were eating the Chocolate Ice-Cream. They brought Jake’s dog, Marty. He’s a Border Collie and has powerful sense of smell.

Also, to end the great, fun festival, there would soon be chocolate spraying on everyone from the chocolate fountain. People were deliberately putting chocolate on their faces in readiness, and children were playing with chocolate guns like they do with water pistols.

It was an hour later and now it was time for the chocolate spray from the fountain. The host of the festival said a few words thanking people for attending the festival and talking about the invention of chocolate. Then he pulled the curtains down and then… the whole fountain was gone! Somebody had stolen it. Everyone looked shocked and people starting asking questions.

Jake and Simon wanted to find the thief, they liked solving mysteries. But then Simon instantly knew the suspect, Mr Sweet-Thief. He was a vicious fox who couldn’t resist sweets. Whenever he spotted them, he would take it instantly. If it was in someone’s pocket then he will pick-pocket it from them. He stole a lollypop from a baby once, while he was about to eat it. He had a heart like stone and only cared about sweets.

Simon knew where he lived. Baddy’s Alley. It was about eight miles from Happyville. So, the boys and Marty strolled through part of the city and entered Baddy’s Alley. Simon (who had already researched Mr Sweet-Thief) knew his address, 68 Divers Street. They then noticed the number 68 on a chocolate brown door with sweets around the sides. Jake pressed the doorbell and Mr Sweet-Thief answered, looking pale.

The boys and Marty entered the house. They expected it to be full of sweets, but there was no sign of them. When Jake was about to ask Mr Sweet-Thief if he had stolen the fountain, Marty suddenly barked. He ran to a door and tried to open it. Mr Sweet-Thief looked frightened. Simon helped Marty open the door and then… all the sweets were in there, including the fountain full of chocolate. Jake and Simon were cross but not surprised that he stole it. Jake then asked Simon to call the police. Mr Sweet-Thief was about to run away but Marty barked at him and made him sit down.

About 10 minutes later, the police arrived. They handcuffed Mr Sweet-Thief, took the fountain and thanked the boys for finding the fountain. The police drove the boys and Marty back to the festival. When the host spotted the fountain, he put it in a big box so that the chocolate didn’t drop. The host was relieved and thanked the boys and of course Marty for returning the fountain. The police decided to reward them by them getting free chocolate for as long as they wanted. Everybody cheered. But for Mr Sweet-Thief, he had to clean up all the chocolate on the floor after the spray, as his punishment.

After the fountain was put up, everybody counted down to the great chocolate spray. Then the chocolate was sprayed and everyone opened their mouths to eat the chocolate. After about 40 minutes, everybody went home, while Mr Sweet-Thief was still cleaning up. The police were keeping an eye on him so he couldn’t run away. Mr Sweet-Thief won’t be stealing again any time soon.