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The Beach

The Beach
Nayantika Chaudary


The golden lollipop in the azure sky floats in between tufts of cotton, as if playing hide and seek. Children scream, running around in flamboyant swimsuits. A distant trickle of notes plays as a cherry-red van comes into view. Soon it stops a halt on the golden blanket.

The aquamarine, translucent waves crash against the jagged rocks. It sends up a spray of salt water spiralling higher and higher then falling as if tiny scattered droplets of water. A grubby boardwalk leads to the buzz of colossal mechanical machines whirring loudly, doing all sorts, flipping people upside down until they were giddy with dizziness and so on.

The sweet scent of delicious freshly whipped ice cream fills the air, making mouths water. SCREECH! SCREECH! Seagulls soar up above, circling the sky, eyeing big bags of cotton candy won by children. Dogs run about playfully, engulfed in the breeze.

The creased cobalt tablecloth has slowly crawled up the beach. Soon the sky is a light fusion of pastel pink and pale orange. The cacophony of noises have vanished all for the tranquil rush of the tide and the cry of the seagull from above as the summer sun sets on the sapphire horizon.


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